The time to ditch spray perfumes is now

The days of walking through a cloud to get your signature scent just right are over, thanks to Coconatural's incredible new Perfume Pots. If you think you are not ready to mix up your scent-routine just think about describing the taste of spray perfumes. If you can actually articulate how it tastes - you're ready.

Spray perfumes carry a whole host of issues including questionable chemicals, terrible longevity (Don't lie - you're stingy because you know it's going to run out. You know it and I know it!) and as we already mentioned: the taste. Ugh.

Just a few issues with your spray perfume (besides the cost and aforementioned lack of lasting quality) are as follows. This is from a U.S Mercola Study:

  • Parabens: Synthetic preservatives known to interfere with hormone production and release.

  • Phthalates: Another synthetic preservative that’s carcinogenic and linked to reproductive effects (decreased sperm counts, early breast development, birth defects) and liver and kidney damage.

  • Synthetic musks: These are linked to hormone disruption and are thought to persist and accumulate in breast milk, body fat, umbilical cord blood, and the environment.


Good news! Now that Coconatural has introduced our line of fragranced perfume pots, spray perfumes are not your concern anymore! Our perfume pots are long lasting, hold the gorgeous bright scent all day long and are absolutley, undoubtedly, 100% creulty and chemical free. Does it get any better than that? Actually, yes it does.

They are also made with Bees' wax - a natural healer and antibacterial - as well a

s Organic Coconut oil - another natural healer and antibacterial - and are a fraction of the cost of spray perfumes.

So, we're just saying... do what you want but Coconatural's Perfume Pots are a better, more natural and more affordable alternative to nasty chemical ridden sprays.

Check the range here

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