Make that fragrance last!

Ahhhh. There's nothing like a brand new fragrance to really set the mood for your day.

But have you noticed that after about an hour you're smelling yourself (awkward) and asking people if they can smell that lovely smell you left the house with? Let's put a stop to this. Like now.

There's a few little tricks you can do to keep that scent fresh and floaty all day long. (It is at this point we shall mention that Coconatural perfume pots have a seriously long lasting fragrance... wink).

  • Exfoliate your skin - Keep it fresh and make sure you regularly get rid of any pesky dead skin so your scent stays all day

  • Moisturise - Obvs, yeah? Well, well moisturised skin actually helps to sustain your gorgeous fragrance. If you have naturally oily skin, you're in luck - it will last longer for you

  • Apply to your pulse points - you know the ones we got told years ago was where a boy might put his face? Blah! Apply them there as the heat will naturally keep your scent alive and well

  • Keep your perfume pot somewhere cool and dry - preserve it by looking after it

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