Coconut oil and your skin: The Low down

We recently published this article in Natural Beauty Expert and there is a little special for readers at the end!

Ok, so we have heard all about Coconut Oil and the many, many, many benefits for our skin, right? But do you actually know why it is so amazing for your body and do you really know the difference between the variations of coconut oil products?

It’s OK if you don’t, because we are going to give you the low down.

What does Virgin coconut oil actually mean?

It’s more than likely what you have thought it might mean: untouched. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the coconut without the use of heat, helping it to retain the plants original chemical composition. Being extracted from fresh coconuts and not subjected to heat treatments (even sunlight) makes virgin coconut oil a superior product due to the higher vitamin content, antioxidants (which you will find extremely low levels in ordinary coconut oil) and a much longer shelf life! Organic virgin coconut oil is even better: untouched, not added to. A truly pure gift from nature.

OK, so why is it so good for my skin?

You have probably heard a million things you can do with coconut oil – but allow us to focus on the beauty and body aspects (that list is long enough within itself!). Coconut oil mimics sebum, which is what our skin uses to protect our immune system. It also contains anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties which keeps our skin healthy and clean. A wonderful bonus to this is that coconut oil actually promotes collagen production. More collagen = less wrinkles (so yeah, it’s a brilliant anti-aging tool too!).

How can I introduce coconut oil to my beauty routine?

The obvious answer is to go out and buy some and get started! But there are a number of ways you can introduce it to your routine; after all, many of us already have a routine we feel works for us and it can be a big change to interrupt it! Start by removing your make up with organic coconut oil. Your skin will thank you for it by quickly becoming softer and clearer. Coconut oil is a great moisturiser (as we know) so by using it as a cleanser you are washing without depriving your skin of the necessary oils (and sebum) that it needs to remain fresh, healthy and silky soft. If you are used to harsh chemicals and soaps the concept might seem a little strange at first, but stick with it and over a week you will notice a difference in your face – even your glow will be brighter. When using coconut oil on your face before bedtime, be sure to massage it into your skin for a minute or two. This will also improve blood flow through your face (or the rest of your body!) and ensures the healing properties delve deep into your skins layers.

Ready to give coconut oil a go? Coconatural has pure cotton makeup wipes which are soaked in 100% organic virgin coconut oil. When you take them out of the tin they are hard, and as soon as you smooth them across your skin (they are eye friendly!) they melt and take the days grime and dirt with them.

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