Let’s talk about armpits.

Recently Coconatural unveiled one of their latest products – Natural deodorant.

When I received my first tin of Natural deodorant, I was ready and willing to make the switch. And since using it: I’ve made the switch for good.

Why? Well, it’s kinda personal but definitely worth mentioning if I am to get my point across. So here goes…

Recently my sensitive, needy skin has developed an irritation - specifically, in my armpits. Women in general can be sensitive about their armpits – we don’t like them to be too sweaty or hairy and we definitely don’t want them to be red, scratchy or irritated! We like to be smooth, clean and refined, right?

So imagine my delight when my very own armpits decide to turn red, itchy and irritated. I cared for them personally all my life! I felt betrayed and, dare I say it: I felt ugly. I visited the Dr and was prescribed a little remedy to fix it up. Cool. But what about after that?

It was around this time my new Coconatural Natural Deodorant arrived - Right on time! Suddenly I was more aware than ever of the treatment of my precious armpits – and with this in mind I decided to switch from aerosol deodorant and trial only using Coconatural for one week.

Perfect. Within 5 days, my skin felt smoother and although I was still treating my other *ahem* concern, I totally noticed the difference. It was immediate. I have always struggled with razor rash and I noticed that this was calming down too. Although the packaging warns the product is targeted to anti-odour and not anti-perspirant, I actually noticed that I was less sweaty while I had it on.

Oh and I don’t smell. At all. Even on the muggiest Queensland Day. Even the muggiest.

It lasts all day long and even the next morning I have noticed there’s no B.O. Win!

Three weeks later and I have 100% made the switch to Coconatural’s Natural Deodorant. I even ceremoniously threw out my other deodorants. There was dancing and chanting… Ok that last part isn’t true. But it did feel great to make a decision like that for the benefit of my skin.

In summary, here are a couple of reasons I would now never use anything else on my armpits (especially now that we are making up and re-building the relationship we had before they turned on me):

  • No aluminium – Aluminium in spray deodorants and even some roll-ons have been linked with cancers and even bone disorders*

  • No Parabens or Talc – Parabens are a preservative used in cosmetics and in food and have been linked to Breast Cancer due to interrupting natural Estrogen levels. Talc has recently come back into the limelight due to its’ own cancer causing properties. No thanks!

  • It heals my skin – Two birds, one deodorant. I combat potentially smelly days and it heals and protects my skin from shaving damage, dryness and irritation thanks to the amazing properties of coconut oil, bees’ wax and Shea Butter (plus some essential oils such as May Chang and Tea Tree!)

  • It’s more affordable – Using it once, sometimes twice a day I would normally need to spend up to $8 on a can of deodorant each week. In three weeks I am only about half way through my $12 tin of Natural Deodorant

*Please always do your own research and consult a professional in any matters concerning your skin or health.


Who’s Jess?

Jess works with Roz at Coconatural from the Queensland office, and makes the most of her job by sampling every single product. Sometimes twice.

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