Why fractionated coconut oil?

Why fractionated coconut oil?

You may have noticed many of our new products such as our Pet care range and our face serums contain fractionated coconut oil as opposed to regular vrgin organic oil.

Fractionated coconut oil is clear, colourless and has a less 'greasy' feel. It is less likely to go solid in cooler temps (remains runny) which makes it perfect for products such as our PAWfume pet perfume, pet shampoo and Face Serums in pump bottles.

Fractionated coconut oil is literally just a ‘fraction’ of the complete oil. The highly prized component of coconut oil, the lauric acid, has antimicrobial properties, and as such, is used as a natural preservative and removed from the virgin oil.

This process gives the products a very long shelf life, and makes it an excellent carrier oil; blending well with other oils and ingredients.

Whilst virgin organic coconut oil is still one of favourite base ingredientrs, certain products benefit from the physical difference in fractionated coconut oil while others work well with classic virgin organic coconut oil.

We welcome any and all ingredient questions, or queries as to what product is right for your skin type, your children or your pets. Send us a message here on email hello@coconatural.com.au

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